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RGV Intelligent Vacuum Drying SystemSingle Column Stacker for Formation&Grading Loading&Unloading of Lithium battery core

Under the trend of largescale, automation and intellectualization of power battery manufacturing, efficient production and logistics system has become one of the core competitiveness of enterprises, so mature intelligent logistics warehousing system has also become an important consideration in power battery enterprise production line layout.

With the increasing threshold of power battery manufacturing, power battery enterprises have put forward higher requirements for intelligent warehousing logistics, such as higher requirements for equipment stability, efficiency and automation, timely fault diagnosis and treatment, support for flexible production, cooperate with production process changes in the shortest time, enhance the intelligent degree of the system and so on.

Ruixingda focuses on the field of new energy power battery manufacturing equipment. The solutions include automatic Stereoscopic warehouse storage of materials, lithium batteries formation&grading logistics system, lithium batteries core loading&unloading and so on.

Manipulator for Unclamping Lithium Battery Core


As an expert in the field of intelligent logistics warehousing, in a short period of three years, Ruixingda has risen rapidly in the power battery market, and has won the warehousing logistics system orders of several large domestic power battery enterprises. Ruixingda's team mainly comes from the first-class logistics automation enterprises in China. It has solutions and technology accumulation in automated Stereoscopic warehouse , automated logistics transportation, sorting, and integrated application of robots. The team is good at combining years of logistics technology precipitation with battery production process closely and innovatively. Supported by a strong technical team, the company has rapidly formed its core competitiveness in hardware and software. This is also an important "core" for Ruixingda to achieve brilliant results in a short period of time.

In terms of hardware design, the core warehousing and logistics equipment of Ruixingda Company is self-developed and manufactured, which can effectively respond to customer demand changes. Through mechanical and electrical standardization and modular design, the rationality of scheme design is guaranteed from the source, and project risk is reduced.

In terms of software, the company applies high reusability software design, uses simulation, filters 80% of software problems, and reduces online debugging time. At the same time, the whole debugging cycle is shortened by parallel debugging.

Stereoscopic Storage of Lithium Battery Products

In addition, the company pays attention to the accumulation of data and experience, and on this basis, forms a standardized debugging outline, reduces the debugging manpower and time, effectively shortens the project cycle, thus helping enterprises achieve real cost reduction and efficiency increase.

It is worth mentioning that under the multiple effects of the adjustment of subsidy policy and the persistent high price of upstream materials, power battery enterprises are in urgent need of cost reduction and quality improvement, and the pressure of cost reduction is continuously transmitted to the supply chain.Ruixingda products have a certain price advantage in the field of power batteries, which is mainly due to the company's unique path in reducing costs: firstly, based on the precipitation of product standardization; secondly, through the modularization and interface design of hardware and software systems, compressing the design and debugging cycle; thirdly, establishing a stable upstream and downstream supply chain procurement system, introducing outside processing in the factory; On-site loading and dispatching company, share operating expenses, improve delivery capacity.

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