Intelligent Warehousing

Intelligent Warehousing

The whole solution of RXD Intelligent Logistics and warehousing is to effectively connect the product with all the data links in the process of production, to improve the efficiency as the core, through the planning of product information, process information, resource information, design and reconfiguration, The main features of product lifecycle management from raw materials to customer terminals are as follows:


The company focuses on the planning and design of logistics and warehousing solutions, integrated implementation and services. We design and integrate intelligent production lines for complex changes in the future through research, understanding and optimization of production processes. Provide fully integrated logistics solutions to meet the needs of intelligent production, including warehousing, batching, feeding, material return storage, material information management, etc., on the basis of intelligent production, intelligent logistics, etc. We provide MES systems for manufacturing enterprises covering production modeling, order management, production management, capacity scheduling, equipment management, quality management, traceability and exception handling, data analysis and reporting, etc. Realize the intelligent production of the factory. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of isolated information islands among the systems in the factory, the data barriers among the systems can be broken down. Develop standard data interface and integrate MES,WMS, production line to realize the whole solution of logistics and warehousing, information sharing and interworking among systems.

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