On-line automatic screw locking equipment


 On-line automatic screw locking equipment is a standardized equipment for automatic screw locking.  It has a strong universality and is suitable for 4-inch ~ 7-inch products. It can also realize unmanned operation, save manpower cost, high efficiency, and multi-station operation at the same time. Single screw lock only need one second, and the software can monitor the attached process in real time, clear and convenient, easy to operate.

Realizable unmanned operation

Flexible design: embedded pipeline operation, automatic equipment loading / unloading, automatic locking, can achieve unmanned operation

Single machine operation: equipment off-line arrangement, lock after the completion of automatic outflow of products.

Convenient implementation of machine type switching: can quickly adjust the

pipeline width matching products, line-changing time greatly shortened.

High efficiency, high precision, high quality

The equipment adopts double locking station, and the two stations can synchronize the locking operation, only one second is needed to complete the single screw lock.

The equipment adopts high precision servo module and high precision industrial camera, the precision can reach 0.02 mm.

Abnormal alarm immediately stop operation.

Software real-time operability

Aircraft selection: flexible and convenient switch system configuration of the aircraft.

Real-time process monitoring: 3D real-time display of device operation,

monitoring and display of the whole locking process, and dynamic real-time

display of locking results.

Monitoring the results of locking process: CCD photo analysis and display,

dynamic display of locking points and results, dynamic torque curve generation,

lock-point bitmap real-time positioning display.

Quality statistics: yield, productivity and other information real-time

display,convenient statistical reports.

One-click into manual mode: access to the system manual operation and new

configuration, system parameters configuration.



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